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Retired on a school bus! Skoolie!

Join us on this podcast episode as we interview Keri Gailloux and her great retirement

adventure as a "Skoolie"! What exactly is a skoolie? A skoolie is a person who lives and travels in a converted school bus! We read about Keri on (our first celebrity interview) and checked out her fb page to learn more about her and her exceptional retirement adventure. Keri's bus is beautiful and her interview enlightening. So join us, and learn about becoming a "skoolie"!

Keri describes her process of converting her bus and the unique details that make her new home so inviting!

Even though Keri describes a few of her mechanical challenges, she loves her retirement lifestyle! After viewing her pictures of the interior of her bus, and talking with her, I'm ready to get one!

Skoolies have their own gatherings! Check out this gathering of skoolies!

Keri named her bus, "If Wishes Were Horses" and tells us why this name fits her home so perfectly. We know you will love learning and listening to this exciting adventure and maybe you will be inspired to join the "skoolie" community in your AdventuRetired!

You can read more about Keri and her bus here:

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