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Senior Games! Let's Go!

What are your goals in retirement? For many of us, participating in favorite sports is high on our list. Mix in some healthy competition and new friendships and you have a winning combination! Today we talk to Brad Allen, one of our few working and non-retired guests about his role in the North Carolina Senior Games. Yes, you read that right! Brad is not retired! However, I think he will shed some very important knowledge on the senior games that are held in all 50 states and we will give him some encouragement to continue working for that ultimate goal to reach retirement bliss! Thanks Brad for your great senior games advice!

Show Notes

01:20 A life lesson from Curt's book Fix the Problem and other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad . You can find it here

04:22 Brad tells us about who qualifies for the senior games

05:30 Veteran Golden Games information

06:23 National Senior Games information

07:23 How do you qualify for the Senior Games and what are the divisions for the National Games?

09:17 Which sports are part of the Senior Games and how do new sports get added? That is discussed here.

12:58 Registration fees are discussed here.

14:08 What are some of the events that are offered? Learn about them here.

16:20 When are the games held? In North Carolina Brad talks about that here.

19:22 Age categories start at 50 years old and change every four years. 50-54, 55-58, 59-62 and on.

22:05 What do the winners get? Find out here.

25:48 Do spectators show up for the games? Find out here.

26:48 Brad talks about some of the events in North Carolina that are very inspiring.

27:25 Get involved as a volunteer or as a participant. Brad talks about this here.

28:08 NSGA

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