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Shifting Gears -A Retirement Journey

Where do you see your retirement journey taking you? We meet Californian Richard Haiduck in this episode as he navigates new retirement waters as an author. His book, Shifting Gears, tells about the retirement paths that others have taken. He has interviewed and condensed hundreds of pages of transcripts into a thought provoking collection of retirement stories.

Richard's book delves into the multifaceted path of retirement that deals with leisure, retirement locations, volunteering, and personal motivation. He looks into what inspires and drives a successful retirement. He talks to retirees who are doing things to stay mentally sharp and physically in shape.

Dick, a avid hiker and bike rider, rides about 3,000 miles yearly on his bike and is an excellent example of health in your senior years. Join us as we interview Richard Haiduck and look for his book where you buy your books!

00:52 Fix the Problem and other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad

A great Christmas stocking stuffer!

03:16 Dick worked in the life science industry. He has also worked with start up biotech companies and as a consultant for CEOs.

07:08 Mentoring young CEOs as they navigate their company.

11:04 Dick talks about utilizing Stanford University for mental growth and inspiration in retirement

14:11 Shifting Gears 50 Baby Boomers Share Their Meaningful Journeys in Retirement

Dick shares some of the inspiration for his new book.

18:37 Dick explains how networking inspired the stories he tells and how they all share a uniqueness.

21:00 Buy his book at

36:49 You betcha moment...freedom of retirement

37:51 Hell no moment...Health /wealth concerns in retirement

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