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Tortoise Time in the Galapagos

The beautiful Galapagos Islands are the topic of this episode. We go there with Scott and Ann from Kingsville, Texas, as they travel to the exotic islands and see first hand the giant turtles named for it. These retired travelers love to see new places and know how to do a quick plan B to make their travel experience successful. They were so fun to meet and interview!

Show Notes

00:47 A life lesson from Curt's book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can find it here:

03:15 Galapagos Islands learn about them here:

05:28 The Galapagos tortoise information starts here.

07:52 Scott and Ann stayed on Santa Cruz Island. Learn about this island here:

08:38 Scott and Ann landed first in Quito, Ecuador with plans to hop a plane for Cusco, Peru but had to "plan B" as Peru was having problems and riots with it's government.

10:14 Quito, Ecuador is a beautiful city with much history. They stayed at Hotel Basilia there. Learn about this amazing hotel here:

11:40 Scott tells us about the "tomato tree" a delicious fruit and fruit juice. Learn about it here:

15:16 Scott and Ann visit and explore the "middle of the world"

18:05 Mindo, Ecuador's Cloud Forest, learn about this beautiful place here:

21:40 Galapagos Islands Discover and see the wild life from a boat that you book. They stayed in Puerto Ayora.

23:50 They loved Hotel Coloma in Puerto Ayora. Check it out here:

25:46 Curt finds out the cost approx. of flying there from Houston

26:30 Don't forget to bring American cash ($100) for the Park Fees that must be paid when you land in the Galapagos. Bring American small bills for tipping and fees!

27:31 Weather is discussed here and when is the best time to visit.

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