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Traveling Pet Sitters!

Hmmmm.... let's see....traveling to new places, beautiful and free accommodations, and a fun furry one all wrapped up in one? Sign me up! We think you will totally love this episode as we talk to George and Teresa Devlin about their experiences in retirement pet sitting their way around the United States! Sounds like heaven to me!

Show Notes

00:54 Curt's life lesson from his best selling book, "Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad." You can get it here:

05:09 George and Teresa tell us about traveling to pet sit.

12:11 George and Teresa are on a six month pet sitting journey right now!

12:51 Responsibilities of the pet sitter and those whom who they pet sit for in their homes.

13:47 There is no money exchanged, but free housing while sitting.

14:48 The vetting system is discussed for both the pet sitters and the hosts.

17:03 The House Guide is there to help with the trip and living in a new place.

23:17 Their favorite town to visit and pet sit is Brevard. North Carolina. Learn about this beautiful city here

24:00 Brevard has great breweries and wonderful hiking in the National Forest close by.

30:04 George's email for further information at

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