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Walking 60 by 60!

At AdventuRetired we stress to those asking about what to do to get ready for retirement is to find your best you and keep working on improvement! You will never be younger than you are the day you retire, so don't sit too soon! These words definitely reflect our guest this episode. Virginia (Ginny) Richter and I have a history! She was my boss in South Texas and I had the great privilege of teaching her son when he was in first grade (now a successful attorney)! It was so much fun talking to her about her retirement adventure and we know you will enjoy it also (and may be inspired to do your own).

Show Notes

00:44 Curt's book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here:

04:30 Learn a little about Dr. Richter here!

05:00 Virginia tells us about her "goal" in retirement!

06:46 10K's ( 6.2 miles) became a goal.

08:20 Virginia says, "When you walk with friends, it makes the walk go faster!"

09:49 Using a chart to keep track of miles, distance, and information helped to keep her organized.

11:45 Virginia used virtual races to achieve her goal. You can find more about virtual races here:

13:56 Ginny tells us how a virtual race works.

14:57 Earning a medal is a fun reminder of your goal!

21:26 Ginny tells us about the special places where she did her 10Ks! Hawaii and Dubai were two very cool destinations!

24:29 Ginny gives us her milage stats! Wow! That is a lot of miles!

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