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Backpacking with College Friends!

College buddies! Some great memories of fun times, right? Well, today we are talking with Jerry Lanser and he not only keeps in contact with some of his best college buddies but does great hiking trips with them too! Retirement isn't only about reminiscing about the "good old days" but can also be about reestablishing relationships and building new memories. Good job, Jerry! Hike on!

Show Notes

00:50 Sand and Sea Coffee is what is being brewed here at Ingham Lake! If you want to try this great coffee just click on this link for 10% off!

01:04 A life lesson from Curt's book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can purchase your copy here: 

03:05 Do you know anything about the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point? Learn more here about this great school

04:00 Jerry talks about how his "friends hiking trips" came to be.

07:17 Retirement backpacking vs college backpacking. Jerry explains how these two eras differ today.

08:52 Jerry explains how they pick out their hiking destinations.

10:40 Information on some great hikes out west here:

West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island

12:11 Jerry uses an AllTrails app to map his course. Find out about that here:

12:29 Jerry also uses a Garmin Inreach Satellite. Learn about it here:

14:30 Getting in shape for the hikes is discussed here.

17:01 What gear do you need for this retirement adventure? Learn about that here.

20:25 Jerry talks about trail food here!

26:10 What do the shelters on the Appalachian Trail look like? Who can use them? Where are they located? Find out those answers here:

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