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It's OK to Cry! End of Life Decisions.

Today we talk to Dr. Vanessa Boyce and listen as she guides us in a discussion about a heavy topic that many retirees don't think about early on in their retired life. We all know that every day is a blessing and to have great health in retirement is the goal. However, as we age we are faced with a slew of new situations and problems. Those of us with elderly parents and sick spouses have new roles as caregivers. Dr. Vanessa helps make sense of this time in our lives.

Show Notes

01:15 Curt's life lesson from his book "Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad" find it here:

03:19 Dr. Vanessa tells us about palliative care.

07:00 Dr. Vanessa talks about the importance of advance planning for end of life times.

08:02 Dr. Vanessa explains the difference between hospice and palliative care.

11:33 Dr. Vanessa talks about her course Mindful Next Chapters on You Tube which talks about retiring vibrantly. Find it here: There is also a FaceBook page.

13:13 Dr. Vanessa talks about how most retirees will someday become a "care giver" and she talks about how we can support and help them.

16:17 Dr. Vanessa talks about some helpful apps.

18:07 What should we do to have a healthy and happy retirement? Dr. Vanessa talks about this here.

21:43 What are the things that "feed your soul" Dr. Vanessa asks? This statement makes us think about what kind of retirement we want.

22:45 Dr. Vanessa talks about Long Care Insurance.

25:30 Suggestions for care givers.

30:31 Dr. Vanessa tells us how handle the stresses and changes with end of life decisions. Planning ahead and being prepared is the key. She talks about focusing on mind, body and spirit all of your life.

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